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Mature content
A bad day :iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 3 1
Mature content
The Perfect Sonic-Shadow Yaoi Story :iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 2 20
Sonic's Huge Problem part 11
"Mr. Prower, are you sure you don't want me to give him the immunization?"
"No, thank you Doctor. We need something else for him."
"That would be…?"
"Can he get tested using ultra sound detection?"
"Of course he can! When do you want to bring him in?"
"Sometime today," Tails said, glancing over at Sonic. "preferably around a time when you don't have a lot of patients."
"Hmm…okay, how does eight PM sound? I don't have any patients then."
"That sounds perfect!"
"Allrighty then, we'll see you guys when the time comes."
"Okay, bye!"
Tails hung up the phone and turned to Amy, who was placing another wet towel on Sonic's head. "He said eight would be a good time. No patients then!"
"Oh, good!" Amy said. She unscrewed the lid from a bottle of water she was holding. "After all, I'm positive Sonic  doesn't want to be seen by anybody, concerning his condition."
She made Sonic sit up. "Now, drink this, Sonic, and it may help you cool down."
Sonic kept his eyes and mouth closed as
:iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 12 5
Sonic's Huge Problem part 10
Next morning
8:30 AM
"Uugghhhh…" Sonic groaned. He put his hand on his tummy. "God…"
"Sonic, what is it?" Amy asked.
"I think I'm…gonna…!"
Amy quickly wrapped one arm around him and guided him to the bathroom, where he proceeded to empty his stomach of the breakfast Amy had made for him that morning. Amy stood by patiently, supporting him from behind. Sonic paused, wheezing for a good measure, then continued to throw up into the toilet. Amy rubbed his back, between his two back quills, careful to avoid jostling his pointy tail. "Take it easy…"
Her voice seemed to make him feel better, and soon he crawled backwards, flushing the toilet. He remained in a pose remiscient of a cobra position, however his knees were supporting his body and he kept his head hanging down. Sweat was rolling down the sides of his face, and the hedgehog was breathing heavily.  He stayed like this for 20 minutes, and finally his stomach calmed down, as well as his breathing. Amy stopped rubbing him an
:iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 11 1
Sonic's Huge Problem part 9
Sonic's house
9:00 PM
"Sonic, I just remembered something."
"What, Knuckles?" Sonic asked, irritable. His stomach was paining him again.
"Wasn't that ghost in your house the last time we were here?"
Sonic paused, realizing and remembering. "Uh…mm. Yes."
"Well what if he's still here?"
"The Chaotix are here. And everybody's here in my sight." Sonic said, giving the room another look over. Team Chaotix were gathered around the TV with Cream, Cheese, Omochao, and Chip.
"And besides…remember who ran into us on the way here?" Sonic asked, motioning towards his front door. A red-orange ball of light was floating in front of it. "She's patrolling the house. She'll tell us if something's wrong."
"Huh. All right then…I guess I can kick back now." Knuckles jumped on the couch and folded his arms behind his back. "Finally."
A knock came at the door. Sonic shoved Knuckles off of the couch. "Go answer the door, Knux!"
"What, did you forget Tikal was at the door already?!" Knuckles raged at Sonic, w
:iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 10 2
Mature content
The Mouse Who Cried Hedgehog :iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 25 23
Sonic's Halloween (2012)
Sonic adjusted the straps on his overalls, then tilted his fake mustache a bit to the left and examined his face in the mirror. A hand pushed the mustache back into its original lopsided place. Sonic drew back indignantly to face the meddler.
"I like it better like that." Amy said, moving to his right and adjusting her own costume, which was a flowing pink dress. An addition to it was a jeweled tiara, which she placed upon her own head. "There! How do I look?"
Sonic stared at her.
Amy upturned her hands, glowering at him in annoyance. "Well? Aren't you going to say I look nice?"
Sonic's cheeks turned red, and he rotated on his heel ninety degrees to the left, away from Amy. "U-Uh, y-yeah you look…" the rest turned into mumbling. He shuffled his feet and looked at the ground. Amy sighed exasperatingly and smiled, knowing that Sonic was to shy to answer how he really felt to her face. She picked up something from the floor and put it on his head. It was a red hat, with the letter M
:iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 15 3
Sonic and the Revenge of Inferno part 6
Sonic's house
8:39 PM
"I don't know. I just don't know."
"We gotta do something, though."
"But what?" Knuckles asked Sonic.
"I--mphh--don't know," Sonic said, stuffing his face with slices of blueberry pie. "But--something needs to be done, and fast." He belched, then shoved the entire thing in his mouth.
Knuckles stared at him. "Uh whoa. Yeah, something's gotta be done soon."
Sonic polished the blueberries off his gloves, then went and searched in a box across the room. "I hope all this lasts until we figure this out." He inhaled a bag of chips, then another one after that.
"Jesus Christ, he just keeps shoveling it down, doesn't he?" Vector asked, amazed. "I can't even do that!"
"Yeah, and it's getting worse by the day. The more he eats, the more he wants--or needs, to be precise." Tails said.
"Man, what a real hedgeHOG." Charmy joked, earning himself a slap from Amy.
Sonic dug around in the box some more, and found  large wedges of cheese. "Oooh!!" He said, throwing one in
:iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 5 14
Sonic's Huge Problem part 8
Sonic folded his arms and leaned on the side of the couch.
"Yeah, I'll come when heck freezes over." The hedgehog said, grinning at the robot. "But thanks for the invitation. It means a lot to me."
"UNABLE TO COMPUTE>>PROCESSING>>" ZERO said, apparently not familiar with sarcasm or anything related to it. By any means, as he paused to "translate" what Sonic had said, the hedgehog pushed the four behind him towards the door. "Get out of here, now! Hurry!"
"Sonic, we can't leave you and Tails!" Chip said, getting so close to Sonic that their noses touched. "What if he tries to hurt you?"
"Just go, Chip! Get out of here!" Sonic said irritably, pushing Chip gently away from him. "We can handle this!"
He turned back towards ZERO as they ran out. "Or at least, I think we can…" He glanced at Tails. "Got a plan, buddy?"
"Don't worry, I got this one!" Tails replied, looking very confident.
Then suddenly, he whipped out a flamethrower from no where. (What the--?!" Sonic yelled)
:iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 12 9
Struck Down chapter 1.1
His hooves clopped on the ground softly as he walked down the tunnel. The wings on his back were being held loosely at his side from a mixture of excitement and worry. His black eyes were set straight ahead, just like he'd been told to do when the time came.
Focus on the end of the tunnel. Where the light is.
He slowed in his pace.
I don't want to do this.
He shook his head.
So why am I being forced to?.
His black mane crackled with electricity.
I'm trapped.
He continued walking on at the pace he was told to walk at. The end of the passageway was coming up. He waited until he was five feet away from the exit , then lifted his head up high. He was there at the end--
The yellow and black pony stumbled in surprise at hearing his name being called so suddenly. Tripping over his hooves, he fell head over heels, landing flat on his face. His hindquarters were thrown into the air and one of his wings unfolded, sticking up in the air as well. T
:iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 1 2
A Rift in Space and Time part 14
Windy Valley
11:29 AM
Modern Sonic's green eyes scanned across the landscape furiously. He'd followed the main path of Windy Valley, but now he was lying in wait, searching for the robot undercover. He knew full well Metal Sonic may have detected him by now or at least noticed a disturbance--a few badniks had mistakenly attempted to capture Sonic, and he let them know he wasn't in the mood. Crouching among the littered robot parts, he poked his head out of his hiding spot and looked around again. Finally, after ten more minutes, his impatience got the best of him. Standing up, he jumped quickly to the top of the cliff that overlooked his hiding spot so that he was out in the open. Then suddenly, it happened again. The entire Windy Valley area wavered and distorted violently for about ten seconds.
A gasp left the hedgehog's throat in surprise. "…There's that weird phenomena the Tails were talking about. I saw it happen before, but it wasn't this bad. Hmmm…" He scratched his he
:iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 4 8
A Rift in Space and Time part 13
The Next Day
Mystic Ruins
Tails' Workshop
"All right, here we are…" Sonic muttered. "He has 'em in his toolbox here…"
His eyes gleamed as he caught sight of the 6 Chaos Emeralds sitting among the tools and appliances in the box. "Bingo. Hey, Knuckles! I got 'em!"
No answer. Sonic tilted his ears backwards, but didn't hear a sound. "Knuckles?"
He picked up the emeralds and closed the toolbox, putting it in its original place. He turned around, and saw that Knuckles was not in the workshop anymore.
"Oh great. Where'd that knucklehead go NOW?" Sonic wondered. He tapped his foot, annoyed. "He'd better not have left me!"
Sonic ran outside, calling the echidna's name. Not out  there in the clearing either.
"Where could he be? He was right behind me…" Sonic asked.
"Sonic! Hey, SONIC! OVER HERE!"
Sonic turned northeast, towards the echidna's voice. It was coming from the cave that led to the Windy Valley. Sonic took off, calling, "I'm coming, hold on!"
"Hurry up, it's
:iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 4 0
Mature content
Sonic and the Revenge of Inferno part 5 :iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 4 4
Sonic and the Revenge of Inferno part 4
"Uh, what? Hmm?"
The same group of badniks that jumped Sonic earlier were all peering down the trapdoor, in hopes of taunting the hedgehog and his friends, but--there didn't seem to be anything down there.
"Hey boss. Should I go check on them? They're probably planning something down there," A Batbrain asked.
"Yeah, you and Slicer go down there, with me." The Motobug leader said. He glided down with the other two robots, and were in for a big surprise when they reached the bottom.
"Better yet, where's those three trouble makers! They did this!" The Slicer said, slamming its blade down on the floor, where it made a deep gash. The Batbrain soared upwards. "I'm gonna tell the boss! This is bad!"
"What did you just say?!" Dr. Eggman asked, alert.
"The food's all gone, sir--every last flippin' box. Nothing's left. The room's completely empty." The Batbrain babbled. "And they're gone, the int
:iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 3 0
Sonic and the Revenge of Inferno part 3
Later that day
Death Egg
"Right, so…Why are we here?"
Amy looked back at him as he, Tails, and Amy tiptoed through the long hallway of The Death Egg. "We already explained it, Sonic. Eggman has to keep all of his food somewhere, right?"
"Yeah, but…this place is huge, just like I remember it being." Sonic told her, lagging behind slightly .
Noticing this, Amy said, "Can you make it? I know you probably don't have a lot of energy."
"I can hold out. I feel terrible though," Sonic said weakly. "Like something's siphoning off my energy. My stomach hurts so much…"
Tails turned towards Sonic, worried. "Are you sure that you can go on?"
Sonic nodded slowly, staring straight ahead. "Yeah."
Dr. Eggman sat at the massive dashboard of the Death Egg, thinking hard.
(Unbelievable…what I've found…the powers are far beyond my control,) he thought. (Somehow, if I could find out an easier way to utilize it, I could--)
Bean the Dynamite had burst in, apparently panick
:iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 5 6
Mature content
Sonic and the Revenge of Inferno part 2 :iconsupersonicgirl1000:SuperSonicGirl1000 4 5


I know it's been a while since I've really done anything here. There's just so much going on now, seeing as I'm becoming a junior in high school. New responsibilities. But yeah. I'll still write for here, even though it seems like I'm dead. In all truth, I did consider deactivating my account. But I won't do that. 

No, I started all of my series, so I'm gonna finish them. Then, we'll see what happens then.

I have not forgotten requests either. 


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